coyote kill shot 10 yard

Amazing Reflexes on This Rare 10-Yard Coyote Kill Shot

This quick hunter was able to drop a running coyote at close range.

Anyone who's hunted coyotes knows they are smart, crafty creatures. I almost always hunt coyotes in a blind using motion decoys and digital callers. My setup is almost always 50 yards away.

Typical shots on coyotes with this style of hunting is 100+ yards with a rifle as a wary coyote often won't commit to the decoy. I've lost many dogs trying to bring them in closer for a chip shot only to have the wiley animal disappear in seconds. Almost every shot I take is on a still target using a rest. Sometimes in open field, I'll have to shoot a moving target but I also have a good scope and know my limits.

To hunt coyotes out of a blind is hard enough. Hunt them while walking in the woods is a challenge. Watch what this hunter does:

It's worth noting that he wasn't exactly "stalking yotes." That would be an exercise in futility, as coyotes usually bolt at the slightest movement.

According to the video description, the hunter was after hogs in Texas when this dog came charging at him. Notice that he got his gun up quickly and hit a fast running target. Also, the rifle he was using had iron sights. Impressive.

A few follow up shots ensured an ethical kill. Just another day in the woods with a hunter contributing to predator control.