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16 Cats and 3 Dogs Missing, Coyotes Suspected as the Culprits


This small neighborhood has lost 19 pets recently. After finding a dead deer in the area, coyotes are expected to be the villains.

Predators will be predators. If competition gets tough in the wild, coyotes are known to move in to find easy meals, and this story is a prime example of that.

In the last few weeks, Elkhorn, Nebraska has had more animals go missing than they usually do over a year’s span (a staggering total of 16 cats and 3 dogs, to be exact).

The first instance was in September, when a small dog named Buddy was snatched up by a wild animal and never seen again. After a small deer carcass was found in the middle of the neighborhood, it is expected that a group of coyotes is causing all the damage.

We have said it once, and we will say it again; predator control is needed. Many anti-hunters throw insults and hate towards predator hunters, claiming predators do no harm.

With them moving into urban areas more often, and picking off families beloved pets, maybe they will see the need for keeping their population in check.

Although there is a school very close to these encounters, coyotes are very unlikely to mess with humans and the children’s safety isn’t a concern.

But, with that being said, if they eventually run out of pets… where will they go next?

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16 Cats and 3 Dogs Missing, Coyotes Suspected as the Culprits