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Running Coyote Meets a Tim Wells Arrow

tim wells
YouTube: Tim Wells Bow Hunter

This running coyote came in looking for a free meal. He got an arrow to vitals instead.

When Tim Wells sets his sights on an animal, it's in big trouble. He's shown time and time again that archery tackle can be used to make kills at ranges farther than most people think possible and moving targets don't seem to give him much trouble either, something this running coyote learned the hard way.

On this hunt, Tim was using an electronic predator call combined with a motion decoy to bring in hungry song dogs. He had a backup shooter armed with an AR-15, but that proved unnecessary.

Watch the video to see how the action unfolded.

One of the most amazing things about Tim Wells' archery accuracy is the fact that he makes these shots without the help of sights or a mechanical release. By using an instinctive shooting method similar to that used by many traditional archers combined with a modern compound bow, Wells is able to do what most archers would deem impossible.

This video is a great example of how effective a predator call combined with a motion decoy can be when you're in the neighborhood of a hungry coyote. Getting out and doing some predator hunting of your own, even if you opt for gun rather than a bow, is a great way to get outdoors when other seasons are closed and do your local deer and turkey populations a favor.



Running Coyote Meets a Tim Wells Arrow