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This Action-Packed Tim Wells Archery Montage is a Work of Art

Tim Wells is a self proclaimed killer and these amazing shots prove why.

Whether he’s armed with a gun, bow, spear, or blowgun, Tim Wells is bad news for the animals he pursues. Wells has written a book, taken dozens of trophy animals with a number of weapons, and hosts “Relentless Pursuit” on the Sportsman Channel.

In case you’ve been living in a hole and don’t know a thing about Tim Wells, here’s an introduction by the man himself.

For most hunters, carrying a bow afield limits their range to 40-60 yards; not Tim Wells. He’s proven time and time again that he can accurately deliver “arrow bombs,” as he calls them, into an animal’s vitals from ranges that would be unheard of for most archers.

Don’t believe me? Watch as Tim Wells makes a perfect bow shot on a whitetail from 115 yards.

If that shot didn’t impress you, watch as Tim nails a running Tahr at 130 yards, bringing the big goat down for good.

It’s not only mammals that need to fear Tim Wells. Watch as he takes out some flying pigeons at distances of up to 60 yards.

If you’re thinking, “That doesn’t look so hard.” Watch as Tim gives a lesson on how to calculate lead and arrow placement on a flying duck.

Aside from his archery prowess, Tim Wells has also taken animals with one of the world’s most primitive weapons — the spear.

Watch as he stalks and kills a massive water buffalo the really old fashioned way.

If you think Wells could only make this happen in far-flung corners of the world, watch as he takes a monster Nebraska whitetail buck with a spear.

Okay, so Tim Wells is a pretty good hunter and a pretty good shot, but everyone misses from time to time and sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we make some rash decisions. Tim Wells shows us the highs and the lows of his hunts. Here’s a few examples of the lows.

Ouch! That last one looked like it hurt. Have no fear. Tim has recovered and is filming a new season of “Relentless Pursuit.”

You can see more Tim Wells action every Friday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the Sportsman Channel.

Hopefully watching Tim’s amazing shooting and hunting adventures has inspired you to get out and practice or hit the field in your own relentless pursuit.

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This Action-Packed Tim Wells Archery Montage is a Work of Art