Cougar Hunt
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Hunter Uses Electronic Call In Successful Oregon Cougar Hunt

These hunters had a pretty exciting end to their 2018 cougar hunt. You won't want to miss how it all goes down!

Oregon and Washington state have a pretty healthy population of cougars (also known as mountain lions). However, hunters are not allowed to use hounds to pursue cougars in those states. For that reason, harvest rates in Pacific Northwest are very low on mountain lion and the vast majority of hunters take them incidentally while they're primarily after something else (usually deer).

It is legal to hunt cougars using an electronic call though. This hunter was out hunting coyotes with his Fox Pro Inferno when he came across a fresh cougar track. Knowing there was a chance that cougar was still in the area and would respond to the call, he kept an especially sharp eye out for that cat as he set up his next stand.

It's a good thing he did because that cat showed up hoping for an easy meal and his coyote hunt turned into a cougar hunt. That all kicked off a pretty exciting sequence of events for this guy and his two brothers.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

Any mature cougar is a very nice trophy and these guys took a really good sized cat.

In case you were wondering, he was using a 6.5 Creedmoor. I don't know about you, but I was pretty surprised at how far the cat went and how long it lasted after the hit. Luckily, they stayed on their toes and were able to track the cougar down and finish it off.

That's the sort of situation that could end badly, but they were careful and it worked out well for them. Nice work guys!

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