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This Shed Hunter May Have Found the New Wisconsin Record Non-Typical

This Wisconsin shed hunter made the find of a lifetime on a potential record buck! 

The Badger State's record for a non-typical whitetail buck may have been broken.

Unfortunately, the animal didn't fall to some lucky gun or archery hunter. Instead the animal was a victim of mother nature's cruelty.

WMTV NBC 15 News reports shed hunter Nate Olsen found the gigantic 23-point Wisconsin buck in Rock County with his antlers tangled up with another large buck. Both deer apparently fought to the death during the rut.

Olsen was shed hunting with a buddy when he stumbled across the once-in-a-lifetime find on February 1, 2020. Hear him tell more of the story of this awesome whitetail deer in the interview below.

"I've shed hunted a lot, I've hunted a lot, I have many, many miles on my boots looking for sheds," Olsen told NBC 15 News. "And to come across this, it's a diamond in the rough."

Olsen told the station he froze in his tracks, at a total loss for words over what he had just found. He subsequently called the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to report the find. As is usually the case in these scenarios, the buck was not unknown during hunting season.

The station reports Olsen's deer hunting friend Mike Hackett had been monitoring the animal on trail camera for nearly three years.

"I've shot several that make the book, but this one here's kind of way bigger than anything I've ever experienced," Hackett told the station.

That's probably a true statement for most deer hunters! Olsen also told the station he's not sure he would have been able to stay calm had he gotten a shot at the animal. We can't blame him for that.

Right now, the Wisconsin whitetail record for a non-typical is 253 inches and the record has stood for a while. The current record holder is a 30-pointer that was shot by Elmer Gotz in Buffalo all the way back in 1973.

If the buck does score over 253, it would also surpass the size of the archery state record, a 249 5/8-inch 28 pointer arrowed in Waukesha by Jim Baker in 2013.

Both animals have yet to be measured by Boone & Crockett or the Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club. They were originally slated to be scored at an outdoor show that was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We did a short search online, but it does not appear the final score has been released to the public yet.

One thing that keeps getting lost in the shuffle is the size of the buck the non-typical got tangled with. That deer is no slouch either. The score of that typical buck is rumored to have a net score near 160-175 inches.

We will keep an eye on this story here at Wide Open Spaces and will let you know if this awesome animal does rewrite the Wisconsin big game record book.

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