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Winter the Talking Cat Says "I Love You" Before Demanding "Treats"

You've heard of Bunny the Talking Dog, but are you ready for Winter the Talking Cat? 

Pet owners have been fascinated with teaching their pets to communicate with them. Bunny the Talking Dog became Instagram famous for her strong button came after her dog mom became fascinated by speech pathologist Christina and her dog Stella.

But who says dogs get to have all of the fun? Feline furry friends can learn to communicate too. Winter the Talking Cat and her cat mom are here to show you how it's done.

Winter Starts with Treats


She always tries to bribe me with the ?ily? ? #buttontraining #hunger4words #cat #catsoftiktok #korat #koratcat #smartcat #fy #fyp #foryou

? original sound - Winter????

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Winter is a beautiful Korat. Her owner, Alexandra Bayer, trained her on buttons to communicate. Alexandra ordered the buttons from Ali express, but they can also be purchased on Amazon. You can customize the buttons to be whichever words you want your cat to learn. Often pet owners start training their animals on the most common words. The three-year-old cat had been training on her buttons for about a year.

Winter uses the buttons to ask for treats, snuggles, kisses, and to play. But, in true cat fashion, she only uses them when people are around to fulfill her requests. Winter also has a button for the word "Now," which she can use whenever she wants something immediately.

Winter has been taught to differentiate between today and tomorrow as well. Winter presses her button for happy to tell her owner how she feels, and she can even use her "I love you" button to tell Alexandra how she feels about her, though it most often comes before the "treat, now" request.

Winter's training began with some tricks, like high five and head butt. Alexandra taught her to high five by holding up her paw, and then she would get a treat for a successful high five. That motion transferred over into pressing a button. Winter the talking cat proves that tricks aren't just for dogs.  Practice and rewarding desired behaviors are the best way to teach your cat or dog new things.

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