Winter Project: Make This Log Display Rack

It's cheap and easy to build your own log display rack, and it's a great way to show off your interesting outdoor collectibles.

After finding an interesting looking log while out hunting, Ryan Olsen decides to make it into a log display rack. A few bucks and several hours later, he's got an attractive addition to his trophy room.

Watch to see how he turned something many people would walk right by into a work of art.

What a great idea. It's amazing how much nature provides us with if we only take the time to look. This project looks like a great way to while away those cold, dark winter days until the trees start budding and birds start gobbling.

Get out and find a cool looking log, gather your materials, and build your own today. Who knows, you might even find a shed antler or two to display on it when you get it done.

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