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Ray Eye Demonstrates His Turkey Scouting Method

When Ray Eye heads out for a turkey scouting mission, he takes his turkey call - and a sofa.

Ray Eye is a legend in the turkey hunting world for good reason. The dude knows how to call and kill turkeys.

In this video, you'll follow along as he does some turkey scouting in the Missouri Ozarks in preparation for a media hunt.

Watch the video to see how his turkey scouting mission goes.

Sounds like Ray and his hunters will have plenty of gobblers to chase when the hunt begins.

I hate to disagree with Ray Eye on anything that has to do with turkey hunting, but I don't use turkey calls while turkey scouting. Personally, I feel that, by the end of the season, the turkeys in my area have learned my "schtick" and are harder to call in.

I'm sure this has a lot to do with my calling ability (or lack thereof) compared with Ray's, but I've found the birds typically gobble enough on their own before flying down to alert me to their roosting areas and mid-morning glassing from afar clues me in on where the birds are strutting. Therefore, I feel that it's in my best interest to wait until I'm toting a shotgun before offering up a turkey call.

The fact that Ray's turkey sounds are more realistic than mine makes this less of an issue for him. It also helps that he's typically hunting a different area every week or so. However you choose to do it, turkey scouting is the biggest difference between hunters who are consistently successful and the all to common coffee shop criers.

Turkey season is just around the corner. Which crowd will you be a part of this spring?


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Ray Eye Demonstrates His Turkey Scouting Method