Destroy Feline Boredom With This Windmill Cat Toy

The best cat toys are the ones your cat will actually use!

You've tried catnip cat toys, rotatable toy turntables, silicone balls, and a compilation of DIY cat toys, but usually these result in you just abusing Amazon's return policy as your cat plays with a scratch hair brush or digs in the cat litter instead. Before you whip out the credit card to try yet another in stock toy, take a look at this windmill cat toy. A windmill cat toy makes an exciting and interactive addition to whatever other catnip kitten toys you have lying around.

If you're tired of stuffing catnip balls just to watch your funny cat roll around in all their craziness, you should check out this Amazon best seller for added fun. Your cat's curiosity will certainly be piqued.

We love exciting cat toys for indoor cats because we know shopping for toys and pet supplies that satisfy our furry friends can be challenging and costly. Who needs another feather toy lying around? This cute interactive cat toy made our list because we know a ball cat toy or a fish cat toy can only do so much on its own. Even though all kitties deserve a scratcher toy, sometimes we just want it all and then some. Introducing one of the best cat toys we've found on Amazon.

Benefits of the Windmill Cat Toy 

This teaser toy is a little bit of everything, all rolled into one. Not only does it serve as a cat toothbrush, the led light ball will also satisfy any indoor cat's playtime needs. Have an easily stressed-out kitty? The rotating windmill is said to reduce cat anxiety too. Check out these Amazon customer reviews and see if this pet toy is right for your household and furry feline.

YUTANG Interactive Windmill Cat Toys with Catnip : Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Funny Kitten Toys with LED Light Ball Suction Cup?-Cat Nip Toy for Cat chew Exercise


1.  5 stars attentive toy

This cat teaser toy has kept this household cat entertained since its owners added it to their Amazon shopping cart for their feline's playtime. This reviewer's pet is reaping all the benefits of a cat toothbrush while enjoying the cat treats that can be stuffed inside the balls. While the product is designed to work on any smooth surface, the reviewer has had the most luck placing the strong suction cup spinner toy on windows and glass.

2. 5 stars Awesome little Spinner Toy.

Little kitties that are enticed by bright lights such as this reviewer's cat will get a kick during cat play with this suction toy that easily affixes to any smooth surface.

3. 5.0 out of 5 stars attentive toy. 

This cat chew toy is certainly working its magic as a cat toothbrush in this household. Again, the led light ball is delivering all the excitement that a kitty toy should.

4. 4 out of 5 stars Kittens love it.

Worried this spinner kitty toy isn't going to stick? This reviewer says otherwise. The strong suction cup seems to work, so long as you use it properly on any smooth surface.

5. 5 stars Buy this toy for your cat. 

Even more love for this toy and urging shoppers to purchase it? Okay, okay. We will.

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