15 Cat Ear Headphones to Get You in the Feline Spirit

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These are the perfect headphones if your spirit animal is a cat.

Do you remember when cat ear headbands became a huge sensation? I do. All of my girlfriends and I went and bought ourselves a pair, insisting that we were indeed the ultimate cat ladies. However, wearable cat ears didn't stop there.

You too can channel your inner meow with these fun and bright cat headphones. Each pair comes in a different color for your feline preference. These headphones add a twist to your daily jam session and will have everyone wishing they looked as cool as you.

From lightweight to noise-canceling and even rechargeable models, these are the cutest and best cat ear headphones we could find on Amazon.

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1. Censi Wired Cat Ear Headphones 

These high-quality headphones are great for jamming your tunes or for watching movies on your laptop. Plug them in and enjoy the perks of no outside noise. They are also foldable for easy transportation.

2. Barsone Wired Cat Ear Kids Headphones

These wired headphones are the cat's meow. They fold up so you can travel easily and are a favorite amongst kiddos. Want to dress in cosplay without leaving your music behind? These cute headphones are for you.

3. iClever BoostCare Wired Kids Headphones 

These headphones are also great for kids. A pair of these feline headphones will make them excited to rock out on any road trip.

They use Bluetooth connectivity, which is perfect for kids who are on the go with their Apple iPads (or are rough with the audio cables and audio jacks).

4. Cat Ear Headphones

These light-up cat headphones can't stop and won't stop. The LED light adds flair to what could be just an average pair of cat ear headphones, making them perfect for standing out in the crowd.

They're noise-canceling, which is ideal for gamers. Can't afford to get the kids a new Xbox One S or Nintendo Switch? Grab these budget-friendly headphones for now and splurge for the holidays.

5. Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

These wireless headphones are the ultimate listening tool. You can share music through the speakers, and it pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth device. Can these get any cooler? Always. The lights change colors.

Did you know that Ariana Grande has a pair you can buy on Amazon?

6. Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones with External Speaker

Ariana Grande officially endorses these Brookstone headphones, which feature her signature on the left earcup. You can expect quality and durability from these unique cat ear design speakers with wireless functioning.  These have a crystal clear headphone sound, external cat ear speakers, and a built-in microphone for answering calls from your cellphones. (Android phones and Apple iPhones.)

The Brookstone wired cat ear headphones are completely hands-free and are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. These Bluetooth headphones are the way to go.

7. MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Over Ear Cat Ear Headphones

MindKoo's headphones have four different light modes. Silent disco party, anyone?

8. Treesine Wireless Bluetooth LED Cat Ear Headphones

These LED headphones have both wired and wireless features. Perfect for both traveling and working out. You'll love rocking out in these cute kitty earmuff speakers.

9. LIMSON Over-Ear Headphones,Stereo LED Light Up On-Ear Headphones

I am loving the purple LED lights.

10. Kids Wireless Headphones Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Flashing Led Light

These headphones only need to charge for 2-3 hours for about 6 hours of use. Not bad at all for wireless mode.

11. Wireless Cat Ear Headphones for Kids/Adults

Check out that color scheme. Adding these to my cart now.

12. Headset Cute Cat Headphones with Ear Wireless

These don't look as flashy as most cat earphones, but they are still stylish.

13. Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Have a young feline lover in your life? These are perfect for kids.

14. FXMINLHY Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

You can't go wrong with solid pink. These HD headphones have free shipping.

15. ONTA Kids Headphones with Cute LED Glowing Cat Ears

These headphones are noise-canceling. Wear these on the airplane so you can catch a quick cat nap.

Always consider the customer reviews for all of these styles too. Our staff reads reviews and looks for specific features when researching options such as a secure fit, carrying case, earpiece design, premium headphones, great sound, how much background noise there is, ear cushioning, volume control, and how adjustable the headband is.

Which color combination is your fave? We prefer the design with glowing cat ears. Ariana Grande's brand has color-changing accent lights, and you can turn the glowing lights on and off.

These headsets are all fabulous. Some of the features that were important when we started researching this list included the ear design, Bluetooth headphones, adjustable headband, earbuds, gaming headset, noise reduction, sound quality, iPhone and Android compatibility, and how easy they are to recharge.

My fave is the wireless Bluetooth models, as I like to use those when traveling or when flying in an airplane. I always prefer over-the-ear headphones vs. earbuds. Don't settle for anything less than a cat-ear headphone set. They're the purrrfect way to tune out the world.

This post was originally published on June 10, 2019.

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