Artificial Grass Looks Trendy on Apartment Patios (and Your Dog Will Love It)

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Artificial grass for dogs is a great alternative to real turf, especially if you're potty training a pooch who's used to having the soft blades of real grass underfoot.

Potty training a puppy is difficult enough. If you don't have the luxury of natural grass, fake grass is a wise consideration. This low-maintenance option can be used to line a dog run or to minimize the mess of muddy paws before stepping indoors.

Benefits of Faux Grass

Caring for natural grass is time-consuming and expensive. Many homeowners avoid grass products that contain pesticides, especially when they have furry friends to consider. Mowing a lawn takes time, as does scooping up pet poop. Fake grass for dogs can be used in lieu of real grass in play areas or to absorb pet urine and waste on concrete patios and balconies.

The following high-quality artificial pet grass pads have the look of genuine grass blades with added non-toxic appeal. Synthetic grass might be a valuable addition to your best friend's outside space. Shop the following best artificial grass turf products on Amazon, and give your dog potty area a green makeover.

1. Hompet Dog Grass Pad with Tray Large, Puppy Turf Potty Training Pads with Pee Baffle, Artificial Grass Patch for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Ideal for Small and Medium Dogs

This loo offers durability and convenience for dog owners. An excellent choice for potty training, urine seeps into the drainage holes onto urine absorbing pads so it can easily be disposed of. This portable bathroom is great for small spaces, RVs, or anywhere you want your pooch to feel he's relieving himself on a fresh grass lawn. This grass patch has plenty of satisfied Amazon customers.

2. Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 5FTX8FT Indoor Outdoor Balcony Garden Decor, Drainage Holes Faux Grass Rug Carpet for Pets 

You'll be the envy of the neighborhood with your year-round green grass. Whether you need to cover a large area or a standard patio, this generously sized 5'x8' grass mat has drainage holes to keep urine off the surface. Say goodbye to lawn watering and mowing and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free landscaping.

3. XLX TURF Realistic Artificial Grass Rug Indoor Outdoor - 3ft x 5ft, Thick Synthetic Fake Grass Dog Pet Turf Mat for Garden Lawn Landscape 

XLX Turf mat. This environmentally friendly grass alternative looks and feels like the real deal. With an easy-to-clean surface and drainage holes to encourage the quick drying of dog urine, this artificial grass is anti-UV, anti-frost, and anti-aging. In other words, your green grass won't fade anytime soon. Available in many different sizes.

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