deer fawn

Pics: Can You Guess Why This Farmer Didn't Mow His Grass?

You never know what's hidden in long blades of grass.

Cyril Earl Saint Jean, a farmer in France, made a delightful discovery May 19 while cutting his grass.

Hidden amongst the long blades of greenery were two newborn deer, hunkered down and awaiting the return of their mother.

deer fawn

Luckily for the little ones, Saint Jean isn't only a farmer, but also a hunter. He was knowledgeable to the fact that fawns will often seek safety in the long stuff.

deer fawn

Saint Jean posted the following caption along with his Facebook post: Belle rencontre ce matin. Quand chasseur ..... ben tu laisse un coin d.herbe.

Roughly translated, it means: Nice meeting this morning. When a farmer... and a hunter..... you leave a corner of grass.

deer fawn

This farmer's knowledge saved two precious lives.

Images Courtesy of Cyril Earl Saint Jean/ Facebook

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