96 year old .45 acp cartridges

Will 96-Year-Old .45 ACP Cartridges Still Fire?

How long is ammunition good for anyway?

This video proves how powerful century-old ammunition still is.

Witness 96-year-old .45 ACP cartridges tested out.

We have been asked many times, how long is ammunition actually good for? Well, Youtuber Yukon12gauge had some 96-year-old ammunition, and he tested it out in a video posted back in 2013.

These .45 ACP pistol cartridges were loaded way back in 1918. When ammunition is stored in a dry cool place it tends to still fire as this video proves. Well stored ammunition will last longer generally then all of us will to answer that question.

The cartridges still hit hard when fired and still would have served the purpose. Keep your ammunition stored correctly and never again worry how many years it's good for.