the automatic ammo purchase program

AMMOSQUARED.COM: The Automatic Ammo Purchase Program Shipped to Your Door

Is shopping for your favorite calibers at retail stores a pain?

Are bulk purchases just too much cost and volume when buying online? I got a chance to check out AMMOSQUARED.COM: the Automatic Ammo Purchase Program, and here is what I found.


Dan Morton and his wife Danielle love to shoot. When the ammo shortages hit the retail stores back in 2012, it left this shooting couple without ammunition. Prices went sky high and selection was minimal, if not altogether unobtainable. Many of us remember that bad patch of road. Well, for the Mortons it sent them into the business of subscription ammunition programs. That is how was born from necessity.

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So, what is AmmoSquared LLC all about? It is a subscription plan with over 65 calibers available and easily over 155 variations (hunting grade, service grade, cowboy action, frangible, etc). You pick the calibers you want. You pick the type of ammunition you want. You pick the amount you're willing to spend per month. Shipment is also controlled by you. In this type of ammunition subscription, you control what you want when you want it. Imagine that instead of hunting all over the retail circuit for your cartridges and shotgun shells? It is all shipped to your door too. Handy, right?

For my selections, I picked I received the following boxes of cartridges: Aguila .22 L.R. Super Extra High Velocity, Fiocchi .22 Long Rifle Standard Velocity, Winchester 9mm NATO 124 Grain FMJ, Winchester Extreme Point 150 Grain .308 Winchester, Hornady Custom 180 Grain XTP 10mm Auto, Hornady Custom 240 Grain XTP .44 Magnum, and Hornady Lever Evolution 325 Grain FTX .45-70 ammunition.

The ammunition sent was packed very well in a plain politically correct shipping box to avoid too much unwanted attention in transit. That is really handy since it will be delivered to your doorstep. Inside that box is the inner box with well padded ammunition boxes as pictured above. All of this comes from a mom and pop American owned business right from Eagle, Idaho.

So how does this all work? Well Danielle from AmmoSquared LLC explains it best in this video.

Firearm magazines and ammo cans can be purchased as well, with other shooting gear selections coming in the future. Buying your ammunition and gear at the price you want online. That sure saves lots of gas and hassle, to say the very least, compared to the traditional retail scavenger hunt.

What does Danielle Morton, Vice President of AmmoSquare LLC have to say?

"AmmoSquared is part monthly subscription box and part ammo savings account. It is really a unique service that some people latch onto right away. People are busy with life. If you are a gun owner you want a steady stream of ammo, preferably a variety of ammo in different calibers. We made getting that as easy as setting your electric bill to "auto pay". To be honest, we tried to create a service we wanted as gun owners." 
What do customers have to say about AmmoSquared LLC? Morgan Garcia says:
"I love this service. I set and forget and get ammo delivered right to my door! The customer service is fantastic, as well. Couldn't ask for a better subscription box service!"
Check out the great folks at AmmoSquared online at their easy-to-navigate website. The future is here for ammunition purchasing online the way you want it.