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Shooting Corroded Ammo, a Scientific Experiment

Images via Breach Bang Clear

Will those old rusty bullets in your truck bed actually shoot?

Dave Merrill decided to do an experiment with these old, corroded bullets.

He started with some old rusty 7.62x39mm Russian steel cased cartridge in really bad shape.



The top three shells in the image below are what the cartridges should look like. The middle cartridges are the rusted ones that Merrill refurbished, and the bottom three are refurbished cartridges ready for testing.



As scary as they look, these cartridges are about to get shot!



The test gun, a pistol AK-47, complete with a long piece of paracord to act as a safety buffer zone.



The cartridges were all shot, even though some were seated in the gun's chamber with a hammer. The cracked cartridge necks possibly indicate high pressures, but there was no damage to the test gun.



What does this tell us? Number one, never try this at home, as it was quite dangerous. Number two, the sealants on the cartridges actually kept the powder surprisingly dry inside the casings.

An interesting experiment, but once again, please do not try this at home.

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Shooting Corroded Ammo, a Scientific Experiment