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Here's How to Stock up on Ammo in Case of a Disaster

So you have a gun now but short on ammo for an emergency?

A ammo shortage isn't a looming dark cloud anymore, it's actually considered to be present in some places, and for some specific types of ammo. Any number of things could spark a serious emergency situation, whether it's a power grid failure, a devastating natural disaster, or worse.

Any gun owner worth his weight knows that those guns are useless without ammo, and if a disaster strikes (even a considerably small one), there's going to be no easy way to procure some.

These tips will allow you to stock up on ammo in case of a disaster without breaking the bank.

1. Set aside a little money

Put aside a little money at a time specifically for ammunition purchases only. Do not tap into the necessary funds, but devote something small each paycheck, and put a little into ammunition purchases. Your little pile of bullets will continue to grow into a splendid mound of ammo.

2. Shop the Sunday paper

Major retailers run deals in their newspaper ads quite regularly. Watch the competitors prices and only buy when you get the most bang for your buck. Check online suppliers also as many times they beat the big box retailers in ammunition deals.

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3. Buy in bulk

Bulk pack pistol and rifle ammunition offer better deals than the smaller boxes. Shop carefully and break down the math before you buy though. Cases of ammunition can lead to even greater deals. If you have deep pockets a pallet of ammunition will keep you happy for a long time.

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4. Ask your shooting buddies

Ask at the range what the best deals on your ammunition flavor of choice are. Prices fluctuate up and down with political reasons and metal costs. Watch when the prices are the lowest and jump on the deals.

5. Buy only the popular calibers and stick with those

Well, that vintage turn of the century hunting rifle in a long obsolete cartridge is a poor choice for a disaster. Pick calibers that are readily available and used by law enforcement and the military. Those calibers are made in bulk and the prices reflect that.


6. Buy military surplus ammo cans

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No container can work as well at the original military surplus metal ammunition cans. They are hinged, have rubber moisture proof gaskets and have handles. The military uses them. You should too.

7. Proper storage

Cool and dry are the key words here. Keep your ammunition away from big temperature fluctuations and out of heat. Moisture will eventually destroy the powder in the casings and primer. It will corrode the casings and projectiles. Use desiccant packs or silica gel to soak up any moisture in your ammo cans.

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8. Practice, but do not waste ammo

We love to load up those extended magazines and tear things up at the range. Well hold on there. Practice marksmanship and use what you need for serious practice. If you are watching cash flow and how many bullets you can actually get, pull the trigger a few less times at the not so useful targets.



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Here's How to Stock up on Ammo in Case of a Disaster