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Wild Turkeys Circling a Dead Cat are the Strangest Thing You’ll See Today

A group of wild turkeys circling a dead cat in the road is weird enough. The reason why might be even more strange.

Twitter user @TheReal_JDavis took one of the most odd videos you may have ever seen.

A close look at the now viral footage shows a group of wild turkeys forming and maintaining a circle around... a dead cat.

Saying "it is the craziest thing I've ever seen" and adding the description "These turkeys trying to give this cat its 10th life" JDavis has given the web one of its wonders of the day.

Now explaining it may just prove a little harder.

Here's the video:

Alan Krakauer, biologist at the University of California, Davis was quoted as saying that it could be a phenomenon called "predator inspection"

Sometimes a prey species, if it has the numbers, will purposely make a predator aware that they know it is there causing the animal to give up or flee.

Krakauer even said he's seen turkeys act that way towards a coyote once!

What is unknown is how long the birds actually played 'ring around the kitty' but one thing is for sure: it is definitely the weirdest thing you've seen today.