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12 Ludicrous Fire Pits to Build in Your Backyard

Anybody can throw a few logs on the ground and set fire to it. With one of these works of art, you can not only have a warm fire, but also get the neighbors talking.

Being outdoors is what we're all about. Staying comfortable is everybody's first priority, so why not do it in style?

Take a little cruise through these fun and maniacal metal-monsters and decide which one is your favorite. When you're done, you'll have one more thing for that Christmas wishlist.

1. Evil Lord of the Sith Pit

Bring Darth Vader back to life with a few well chosen logs.

2. Dark Knight Pit

Put a flame in your favorite bat.

3. Planet Killer Pit

The problem is, every time somebody sticks a flame in the Death Star, it blows up.

4. Dragon's Breath Pit

What's could be more appropriate than this? Be sure to give it a good name.

5. Globe Flamer Pit

It's fantastic because you can practically see the Stars and Bars from here.

6. Minion Pit

What could be more fun than feeding this guy some firewood?

7. Predator Pit

Probably the most incredible fire pit here, and maybe my favorite. Say it like Arnold: "What the hell are you?"

8. Sauron Pit

Very cool since it fits right in with the movie, but you may get sick of it staring at you.

9. Schooner Pit

Looks great and does the job.

10. T-Rex Pit

This one looks like it could very well eat the fire.

11. Viking Ship Pit

It should be bigger, but still worthy of a number on this list.

12. Witch King of Angmar Pit

Let the lovely lady in your life remind you that nobody could take this villain out except a woman!

Anyway you look at it, you need one of these pieces of imagination come-to-life. Leave to the folks that have metallurgy in their veins to come up with some of the best uses for an old gas cylinder that you ever saw!

Be careful to check your local regulations about having an open fire as even a man-made fire pit may cross the line in your area.

Now get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!