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Check Out The New John Wayne 1873 Tribute Rifle

All photos via America Remembers

The handsome John Wayne 1873 tribute rifle is the next in line to honor one of our most beloved Americans.

This .45LC caliber Uberti model 1873 rifle has a 19-inch barrel and is adorned with artistic craftsmanship you won’t believe.

The model ’73 is often referred to as the “rifle that won the West” and John Wayne fans everywhere recognize it best in his hands.

Since the days that this rifle first saw action in the West, it has been highly prized as a classic.

The lever action is true to its origin and duly recreated by designer A. Uberti. The left side of the barrel features the actor’s signature, and inlaid into the beautifully polished walnut stock is a 24-karat gold-plated medallion with John Wayne’s likeness.


The right side of the receiver features Wayne leading the U.S. Cavalry through monument valley.


The left side of the receiver shows the beloved actor as a wagon train scout.


The hammer, trigger and inlays on this amazing tribute rifle are 24-karat gold. The walnut stock is finished to a high gloss to create a beauty seldom seen in a working collector’s piece.

John Wayne will always be remembered as a Hollywood icon and a true American.

The “Duke” is one of our most loved entertainers and now we have another reason to bring him into our homes.

America Remembers has set a limit of 3,500 of these fine rifles for the retail price of $2,495.

All photos via America Remembers


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Check Out The New John Wayne 1873 Tribute Rifle