redback spider vs eastern brown snake

Horror Show, Australian Style: Deadly Redback Spider vs. Eastern Brown Snake

Some guys in Australia took video of a deadly brawl between an Eastern brown snake and a redback spider, but should it have happened?

There's a fight between two of Australia's hardened and deadly creatures at the heart of some controversy. Some folks are saying that the snake got caught in the spider's web, and then the spider closed in for the kill.

If you take a closer look, the snake has what appears to be a hook stuck in it just behind its head.

Did the snake get caught in another predator's web? Did the two fight to the death naturally? Or did human intervention cause the whole thing??

Watch this and decide for yourself:

First of all, when that snake is writhing around, the spider is moving up on its web in the same way; in other words when the snake wiggles what appears to be the webbing wriggles right with it, spider included.

On the other hand, there certainly is something sticking out of the brown snake just behind its head.

Both foes are two of the deadliest creatures that crawl around down under. Once that redback sunk its 'teeth' into the snake it was all over.

What's worse? People that still don't know how to turn the phone sideways to videotape, or that they cut it short?

What do you think, was there a hook in the snake or was it caught in the spider's web?