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Highly Venomous Tiger Snake in Australia is Just Lunch to a Heath Monitor

Facebook/Department of Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia

 A southern heath monitor in Australia makes quick work of an insanely venomous tiger snake.

Australia is known as the home of some of the most dangerous animals that live on the planet. It seems to some that just stepping off the plane on this beautiful but deadly continent can actually cause your life expectancy to go down.

It wasn’t enough to have creatures like the funnel web spider, saltwater crocodiles, and great white sharks, but tiger snakes as described by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia Facebook page are “highly venomous.”

Enter one hungry southern heath monitor that doesn’t care less about snake venom.

Western Australia Parks and Wildlife officer Janine Liddelow snapped the picture northeast of Walpole. According to the DPWWA Facebook page “The southern heath monitor can be found north and south of the Swan River and in the State’s far south-west”

Google Maps
Google Maps

The monitors, commonly called goannas, feed on birds, small mammals, eggs, carrion, and yes reptiles. Since they can grow to over three feet long and they are quite resistant to tiger snake venom then they can snack on all the slithery things they can catch.

That snake in the picture had about as much chance as a cheeseburger at a barbecue. Cheers to Ms. Liddelow for sharing her amazing photographs and the experience!


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Highly Venomous Tiger Snake in Australia is Just Lunch to a Heath Monitor