Wild Boar Hunting
YouTube: Junge Jagd - im Revier zu Hause.

Wild Boar Hunt Results in Dozens of Pigs Taking Permanent Dirt Naps

These wild boards don't stand a chance against straight pull rifles.

If there is one thing that hunters around the globe can agree upon it is that swine populations are spiraling out of control. No matter what you call them, feral hogs, wild boars, these animals are perfectly adapted to an ever-changing world and hunters have their hands full trying to contain the problem in many areas.

Most hunters here in the United States are familiar with the swine problem in Texas, but there are other areas of the world that are having issues.

Case in point this video from across the pond. From the language in the description we take it this is Germany. The hunters in this video down dozens of wild boars over the course of a day. The action is fast and furious. There are even a few deer harvests mixed in here.

We're not experts on European wildlife, but it appears these are Central European boars. There was some fine shooting on display here. We're starting to understand why the Europeans enjoy those straight pull bolt rifles so much. Who knows? With Savage's recent unveiling of American-made straight pulls, maybe this style will take off here too.

Unlike the feral swine that give wildlife agencies so many headaches here in North America, Central European boars are native to the area. It appears they are not a threat to the native ecosystems in the same way feral hogs in America are. However, it's worth noting that these wild boars are also much more aggressive than the swine we deal with here in the states.

In fact, some experts are starting to mark an increase in human/boar encounters throughout much of Europe. It's hard to say why that may be. Perhaps they're losing native habitat. Perhaps the boars are smart enough to realize it's easier to forage for food in urban areas. Whatever the case may be, it's probably not a bad idea to do hunts like this to keep the population in check.

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