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In Case You Were Wondering How Resilient Wild Boar Can Be...Watch This

how tough a wild boar can be
Facebook: Cartuchos Armusa

We don't even want to think about trying to survive with this hole in your head, but a wild boar can apparently take it.

How much do you think a hog could withstand?

Well, this tough boar survived a wound you have to see to believe.

Watch the video below:

¿Cómo pueden ser tan duros? Atentos a la evolución de la herida de este jabalí y sigue haciendo su vida tan naturaleza puede ser increíble!

Posted by Cartuchos Armusa on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

In a video shared by Cartuchos Armusa on Facebook, we see one tough animal. It's a hog that took a beating but survived a ghastly wound.

A fight with another wild boar is most likely what caused this horrific injury to the cheek area. It appears a hole in the cheek area is indeed rotting away. With many mud baths this wound actually heals on its own.

Next time you're hunting hogs, think back to this video. Those hogs are much tougher than you'd think and built perfectly to survive.

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In Case You Were Wondering How Resilient Wild Boar Can Be...Watch This