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YouTube: Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit's 'It's Alive' Goes Hawaii Boar Hunting

Hawaii should be on everyone's hunting bucket list.

Feral hogs are a growing issue across the United States. These invasive animals wreak havoc on and agriculture and habitat, creating a huge nuisance for farmers and conservation agencies alike.

Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of ways to curb the growth of wild hog populations, so wildlife agencies consistently turn to hunters for help.

Hunters benefit big time, though, as not only do hogs taste delicious, but they also offer some of top-notch hunting opportunities.

In the video below, we see those opportunities expand across the Pacific Ocean as the folks from "Bon Appétit" chase hogs in Hawaii.

Watch as Brad Leone tracks down his own pork for his next traditional meal.

Joined by fellow hunters Kiley Umeda and Justin Lee, Leone first learns how to man a bow and arrow, which he'll use on this backcountry spot-and-stalk archery hunt.

Then, we see him learn how to cook using a hole in the ground filled with burning rocks.

Not only is there something special about hunting in an unfamiliar place, but Leone had the privilege of learning how to cook by different cultural philosophies.

This was no ordinary hunting destination, either. Few people think of Hawaii when they're drafting their all-time hunting bucket list. However, the Aloha State actually has a ton to offer.

Axis deer are also bountiful, offering some of the best exotic hunting in the entire country.

However, it seems wild-game cooking practices might be the best thing this beautiful state has to offer.