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5 Easy-to-Learn Methods for Guaranteeing a Wild Boar Harvest


Do you want to score big on your next hog hunt?

These five methods will put the bacon in your crosshairs almost every single time you head out on a hunt.

1. Set your bait station in the open with your position well hidden.

If you are able to use bait legally, use it. The gluttonous hogs will travel miles for a free meal of corn or other preferred bait. With your prey in the open, bullet and arrow dodging cover is not going to play a part when the bullet meets the bacon. Here a flat shooting hard-hitting rifle caliber would be your best friend.

2. Preseason scouting will pay off in the long run.

Sure, preseason takes time, but it is the only way to truly know what routes and what food and water sources the wild boars are using. Make a map and add where the paths are and feeding areas.

The bedding areas are also very important to know of but should be left alone. Disturbing these may cause the hogs to leave your area. It never hurts to dot you hunting area with trail cameras. These will be your eyes on the ground when you aren’t there.

3. Hogs love water.


If you set up near a water hole you certainly will get company. Make sure you have clear shooting lanes and watch your six o’clock in thick brush.

4. Man’s best friend certainly comes in handy.

Trained hog hounds can stack the pork up quickly. Use them wisely and be prepared for close range combat. Better pack a  hard hitting handgun or carbine and be ready for a quick shot.

5.  Farmers are your friends.


The number one enemy of farmers is the wild boar. These hard working farmers hate the crop destroying nature of hogs. They will many times give you open access to hunt these destructive invasive species. Farmers also know where the hogs are.

Put some time and effort on your set up location and reap the rewards of pork for the grill. Happy hunting.



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5 Easy-to-Learn Methods for Guaranteeing a Wild Boar Harvest