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This Wild Boar and Deer Drive Will Instantly Fire You Up

wild boar and deer drive

If there is one thing we all love, it’s spending time with family and friends in the woods, especially by doing a wild boar and deer drive.

There is nothing like a good ol’ day in the woods with the gang, rounding up some hogs and deer. It tests your skills to shoot ethical shots on the run, can help reduce the boar herd and manage deer herds. Bottom line, we enjoy hunting, and this is just one tactic that when it comes together, it can be an exciting hunt.

Below is a video of the 2016 boar and deer drive compilation, put together by Potterek81 Hunting. I’m not sure exactly where this video comes from geographically, but I’ll bet it hits close to home for everyone.

If you can watch this video without already missing hunting season or becoming eager to get back out there, than we probably could never be friends.

I’m already a step ahead of you. The brush gun is ready, the truck is started, let’s hit the road. Now seriously, we all know wild boars are a nuisance and can damage some great property. I’m sure PETA would love to get ahold of this video and tell us all why we are horrible individuals for enjoying this adrenaline rush but quite frankly, who cares. If we don’t care of the problem who will? Doing a deer drive can put meat on the table and rounding up some wild boar can help save property and do your part in conservation.

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This Wild Boar and Deer Drive Will Instantly Fire You Up