45 ACP Hogs
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Hunter Downs Two Feral Hogs in Rapid Succession With a .45 ACP

This hunter's handgun makes short work of two hogs.

The feral hog population is a huge problem wherever these invasive animals are found. These animals damage the crops of farmers, destroy native wildlife and reproduce faster than hunters can cull them. That's why most hunters will not hesitate to drop a hog or two when the opportunity arises.

Sometimes the hogs show up when you're not expecting them. In this video, it appears this hunter is sitting there waiting for a big buck to show up when a large sounder of hogs makes an appearance instead.

Rather than using the bolt-action hunting rifle sitting across his lap, this hunter instead pulls out his handgun and lets it rip with the .45 ACP. The first shot drops one hog, and in the confusion, he manages to pick off a second from the sounder before they can make their escape.

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That was some fine shooting to bring those hogs down! It appears this footage was shot with a GoPro, which may make the distance seem greater than it really is. It may only be 20 or 30 yards at the most. However, feral hogs are tough animals and to take two down with a semi-auto handgun in rapid succession like this is still impressive.

Many hunters have turned to some rather unconventional methods in order to do their part in reducing the population. Because they are so populous, there are few regulations in how you can take them. A .45 ACP like this is usually reserved for self-defense applications, but as you saw here, it handles wild pigs quite well.

In Texas alone the population of feral hogs is estimated to be around 1.5 million animals and expanding every day. Unfortunately, these animals may have a litter of piglets twice a year. Experts have estimated that hunters must harvest seven out of every ten animals just to keep the population stable.

Nice shooting sir, keep up the good work!

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