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Watch This Hunter Drop a Massive Feral Hog with His M1 Carbine

Watch This Hunter Drop A Massive Feral Hog With His M1 Carbine

Who says you can't go hog hunting with an M1 Carbine?

This hunter demonstrated what the M1 Carbine rifle is capable of under the right circumstances. Commonly used by the US Military in World War II and Korea, the diminutive M1 Carbine (somewhat unfairly) developed a reputation for poor stopping power. However, this guy does a good job showing that the handy little rifle is pretty darn effective on hogs, and you don't necessarily need a massive rifle to take down a big hog. 

Watch the video to see how it all went down. 

Nice shot! That hog wasn't going anywhere! Though shot placement can be tricky, a headshot can be pretty darn effective and impressive when done correctly.

It's too bad this hunter didn't take the opportunity to shoot a few more hogs out of that group. If he would have been on the ball, he probably could have gotten a couple more as they ran by in confusion after his shot.

In any case, this video shows what a hunter armed with an M1 Carbine can do. Though you'll never confuse the small .30 Carbine cartridge with something like a .30-06 or a .50 BMG, it's clearly effective in the right hands.

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Watch This Hunter Drop a Massive Feral Hog with His M1 Carbine