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Gordon Ramsay Hunts Feral Hogs in Georgia and Cooks One for Troops at Fort Benning

Gordon Ramsay once took a feral hog from field to table.

When it comes to names of famous people you wouldn't expect to find in the woods hunting, celebrity British chef Gordon Ramsay is one of them. The star of shows like "Hell's Kitchen," "Masterchef," and "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" just doesn't strike you as the type to pick up a rifle and head into the field after wild game.

This video shows the man isn't afraid to try something new. In it, Ramsay heads to Fort Benning in Georgia. Like many places in the southern United States, the base is overrun with feral hogs. Ramsay is there to hunt them and make a meal out of one.

It's a surprising place to see the celebrity chef, but it may also give you some ideas on how to serve that next feral hog you put down this season.

While Ramsay didn't shoot the hog that was prepared in this video, he still gave hunting a try, which is more than many other celebrity chefs can probably say. Most of them are used to having their meat delivered to them frozen on the back of a truck. It shows that he truly understands where meat comes from and why hunting is so important.

He also dove in hands-on into the butchering of that hog and from what we can see here, it looks like he did a rather fine job on it too. Of course, the place where he excels is the cooking and he managed to produce an incredible looking meal from this hog. And it seems the troops that enjoyed the spoils of this hunt agreed that this was a delicious meal!

We took a few tips away from this video that we will likely be putting into practice with any feral hogs we harvest this season. Who says that feral hogs are too tough and nasty to make good meals?

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