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This Funny Ice Fishing Prank Has a Tasty Ending

ice fishing prank

Catching a giant lake trout is fun for you, but thinking you're catching one and finding out it's only a Big Mac is fun for everyone.

If you have ever been ice fishing, you know just how much potential the sport has for fun. It's also common, however, to spend an entire day ice fishing and catch nothing but frostbite. With the long days and amount of downtime ice fishing entails, sometimes you just need something to pass the time.

My sledneck buddies and I usually get the snowmobiles out and skirt across the ice. The guys in the video top that, though: not only did they fill their downtime with fun and laughter, but they made it available for all of us to see.

Watch as the guy pulls the best ice fishing prank on his buddy who thought he hooked into a giant trout.

"Now, you don't normally catch Big Macs, but the cool thing is you don't even have to fillet 'em!"

His face is priceless as he pulls the Big Mac out of the hole, but I can relate to his anger. Sure we all love a prank but the feeling from thinking you have a twenty pound brown trout on to finding your buddies pranking you is heartbreaking. All in all, ice fishing can be a blast, and these guys sure know how to make every ounce of it fun.

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This Funny Ice Fishing Prank Has a Tasty Ending