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Wild Boar Hunting From a Kayak Gets You Up Close and Personal

wild boar hunting

Wild boar hunting in Texas from a kayak adds a whole new angle to the spot-and-stalk approach.

While many hunters have used kayaks or canoes for centuries to hunt wild game, you don't see many folks nowadays hunting via this mode of transportation.

Wild boar hunting in Texas is hardly putting a dent in the population, and the more hunters to remove these invasive pigs the better.

However, as you are about to witness, it can be very deadly.

Boars have a great sense of smell, but when they are laid up on a river bank, the last place they expect danger to approach them is from behind. I'm sure there's the occasional alligator encounter, but this pot belly pig remained clueless as the hunter approaches.

Wild pigs as well as nearly all pigs have poor hearing so even though the kayaker rowed occasionally the pig had no idea.

Finally the hunter stirs the pig which immediately attempts to run. However, the hunter's quick shot dropped the pig less than five feet from where it laid in the river.

The hunter then proceeds to make a great shot on a second wild pig down the river bank.

If you notice a wild pig problem, this is certainly one way hunters can be effective, given river access is an option.

Grab a hog call and see what happens!

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Wild Boar Hunting From a Kayak Gets You Up Close and Personal