Biggest Bucks Taken by Women

#WhitetailWednesday: 10 of the Biggest Bucks Ever Taken by Women

Women have accounted for some monster bucks throughout history.

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we've profiled many a big buck for our #WhitetailWednesday stories. We've highlighted some of the most famous bucks in deer hunting history.

But often lost in the shuffle are some of the truly giant whitetail bucks female hunters have shot.

So today, we're giving some appreciation to the huntresses out there by highlighting 10 of the biggest bucks women have ever shot.

The Jamie Remmers Bucks

On the afternoon of Dec. 7, 1997, Jamie Remmers made deer hunting history in Marion County, Kansas. After a mostly uneventful deer season, her husband and a friend decided Jamie needed to get out hunting. They set up a small, impromptu deer drive with Jamie as a sitter.

They ended up driving a bunch of bucks her way, but this one obviously stood out from the crowd. Remmers brought the monster down with a single, well-placed shot. The 34-point buck has incredible mass and sports some impressive drop tines. The buck later scored 257 1/8 inches and is still the largest nontypical buck ever shot by a female hunter in Boone and Crockett's record book. To make her feat all the more impressive, she shot this beast while she was pregnant!

The Barb Brewer Buck

Unknown to Jamie Remmer, at the exact same time she was celebrating her monster buck, Barb Brewer was celebrating her own giant trophy buck two states away in Illinois. Dec. 7, 1997 was a great day for female hunters!

Brewer used a 16-gauge shotgun to down this massive, 24-point buck while hunting with her husband and brother in Hamilton County. The buck scored 253 3/8 inches, making it the second-largest nontypical buck ever taken by a woman.

This buck is a head-turner because of its wide rack, its three huge drop tines and its forked points on a typical frame. The deer also still holds the state record for the largest buck ever killed by a female hunter in Illinois.

The Audrey Sharp Buck

Audrey Sharp will never forget her first deer. Mostly because it turned out to be a giant nontypical buck! She hunted for two years prior to harvesting this Indiana monster in Posey County while hunting with her father.

In the two years she hunted unsuccessfully before taking this monster buck, Sharp joked with her husband that one day she'd shoot a deer bigger than his best one day. She made that a reality on opening morning of firearms season in 2011. At 249 1/8 inches, it isn't likely he'll ever be able to top her trophy buck, either!

The Micalah Millard Buck

This monster typical buck with colossal main beams didn't show up on the trail cameras owned by 14-year-old Micalah Millard's family until just days before the 2015 Oklahoma youth deer season. A few days later, she and her dad were on stand when the wide-racked monster showed.

She downed the McIntosh County monster with a single shot and the rest is Oklahoma big-game hunting history. Millard's buck later scored 179 7/8 inches. This makes the deer the biggest typical ever shot by a female hunter in the Sooner state. It also ranks as the fourth biggest of all time.

The Lisa Brunner Buck

If you've never heard of Wisconsin's Lisa Brunner, she may be the best whitetail huntress alive today. Brunner has shot a number of nice bucks in the 140-150-inch range, as well as a 174-inch monster. But her 2006 buck is easily her best so far.

The monster buck grossed 185 inches and netted 179 5/8. Brunner is no casual hunter. She frequently does all-day sits, and she and her husband practice quality deer management extensively. It definitely seems to have paid off for them!

The Erica Keen Buck

Women had a great year of hunting in Oklahoma in 2015. First Micalah Millard set the record for largest typical taken by a female hunter. Then, in late November, Erica Keen set the new state record for the largest nontypical ever taken by a woman in the Sooner State.

Keen's incredibly wide and heavy whitetail buck nets 226 1/8 inches Boone and Crockett and is also the ninth-largest non-typical ever shot in Oklahoma.

Even more incredible than Erica's incredible buck is the fact that she has TWO state records! Two years before shooting this massive buck, she shot the largest pronghorn antelope ever taken by a woman in Oklahoma.

The Makayla Hay Buck

Biggest Bucks Taken by Women

Every deer hunter in Madison County, Texas, was on the lookout for this big nontypical in 2013 after a photo of it appeared in a local newspaper. But it was 15-year-old Makayla Hay who became the envy of all those hunters when she shot this massive 23-pointer on opening day of the season.

After seeing the photo of the buck, Makayla was determined to hold off for this specific deer, and despite doubts from her dad, she did just that. She passed up two smaller bucks before this 205-inch monster finally walked out and offered her a 145-yard shot.

The Linet Navarro Buck

The biggest buck to ever fall to a woman with a bow in Oklahoma was shot by Linet Navarro. This nontypical never showed itself on Navarro and her husband's trail cams prior to the harvest on Nov. 30, 2012.

Navarro made a perfect double-lung shot on this massive nontypical, which later scored 175 2/8 inches.

The Jennifer Heuerman Buck

Jennifer Heuerman's then-boyfriend, now-husband Kyle Heuerman wounded this awesome Illinois whitetail once, but the tough buck simply refused to die. It was just part of the long and storied history the couple had with this buck they named "Kick-It-In."

After years of pursuing this beast, they were filming their hunt the morning of Nov. 9, 2013, when they finally caught up with the buck again. In what may be one of the most epic hunts ever filmed, the monster buck got into a prolonged, knockdown, drag-out brawl with a mature 8-pointer before walking 20 yards from the stand Jennifer and Kyle were sitting in. The rest is history.

The huge whitetail later scored 196 inches nontypical, making it one of the largest deer ever harvested by a woman on camera.

The Tamara Williamson Buck

This tremendous 17-pointer fell to Tamara Williamson in January 2010. And unbelievably, the monster Ohio buck was Williamson's first deer ever. In fact, she'd only hunted a few days before she shot this monster her husband had gotten numerous trail camera photos of previously. Talk about beginner's luck and being spoiled for life!

The massive buck grossed over 190 inches and netted 172 4/8, making it the new Ohio state record for a muzzleloader-killed whitetail taken by a woman.