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14-Year-Old Girl Tags Oklahoma Record Buck [PICS]

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This Oklahoma record buck could go down in the Top 5. 

Micalah Millard of Skiatook, Oklahoma was hunting with her father during the state youth hunt when a buck of a lifetime walked into range. They were together when the monster walked out out of the woods, and standing side by side when she fired the bullet that put the buck down.

The two were hunting a family ranch in McIntosh County, the same ranch they have been hunting since Micalah was six years old.

“We were in the stand a couple of hours when we kept hearing something moving in the wood line, just pacing back and forth,” Millard said.

“My dad saw him first and I got my gun set. He was a lot more excited than I was. He was kinda freakin’ out, kinda as close to yelling as you can get in a whisper.”

She went on to say that she first noticed the record buck at about 40 yards as it was approaching four does.

“He kept whisper-yelling ‘shoot him, shoot him now’ and thankfully I didn’t listen because he told me to shoot him from the back,” Micalah said.

Once the buck was out to about 125 yards away, Micalah centered her scope on a lung shot and pulled the trigger.

“It mule-kicked high so we knew he was hit good and we celebrated,” she said. “This time my dad actually was yelling, ‘Put another shell in the chamber, put another shell in the chamber!”

“She hit him at the base of the neck and he went down right there,” said her father, Malachi Millard.

The official green score of this massive Oklahoma record bucks comes in at 187 and 1/8th inches for a typical white tail. This squarely puts her buck in the top five all-time in Oklahoma. It also puts her name at the top of all bucks in the state harvested by females, and probably the youngest of all hunters in the list for both sexes.

The number one buck of all Oklahoma typical record-book bucks comes in at 194 inches. The third and fourth place buck scores are 188 ½ and 185 ¾, respectively. After the drying period of Micalah’s buck, it will fall somewhere in that range.

What makes it even more special is that she did it all with her father right by her side.

Congratulations on a such an amazing deer!

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14-Year-Old Girl Tags Oklahoma Record Buck [PICS]