#WhitetailWednesday: 10 World-Class Bucks with Jaw-Dropping Mass

These bucks have simply unbelievable mass.

Nothing will get a hunter's attention quite like a buck with an overly-massive set of antlers. That is why for today's #WhitetailWednesday, we've compiled a list of 10 incredible bucks with unbelievable mass.

These are the kind of bucks dreams are made from.

The Brad Julian buck

This deer just about broke the internet when photos first started circulating after it was harvested in Oklahoma in 2016. And for good reason! It is not often you see a basic 3x3 frame whitetail like this!

The buck carries some unbelievable mass throughout the whole rack, even all the way up the G2s. One scorer said he'd never seen anything like it. The buck grossed 223 and netted 216 1/8. Talk about a beast of buck!

Many people have referred to this deer as a dinosaur, and really, we can't come up with a more fitting description than that.

Oh, and it was Julian's first buck ever. Somehow, I don't think he's ever going to top it...

The Joe Franz buck

This is another buck that quickly spread far and wide on the internet after it was taken by Joe Franz in Iowa 2014. This monster buck wasn't very wide. But it was the height of the buck's rack and its incredible mass that made it into an internet sensation. The third mass measurement for the buck's right side is an unbelievable 11 4/8 inches!

If you watch the hunt, they have a hard time getting the paper tag around the buck's antlers. It isn't long enough!

Franz ended up in a protracted legal battle after being accused of baiting the huge buck but was later cleared of all charges. That part puts a bit of a sour note on the story, but the hunt is still unbelievably exciting to watch. It is believed this is the biggest wild buck ever taken on camera at 230 7/8 non-typical.

The Austin Pontier buck

In 2016 everyone thought Austin Pontier's Iowa whitetail would shatter Milo Hanson's typical world record. And who could blame them? The photos just scream world record whitetail. As for mass, it's got that! The 18-year-old's hands barely wrap around the main beams of this incredible deer.

The world record wasn't to be. Unfortunately, the buck looked a lot better than it actually was. It grossed 202 3/8 and netted 194 1/8, but there is no doubt this buck has it all and would be a dream come true for any whitetail hunter.

The Keith Mann buck

Another buck that went wildly viral all over the internet in 2012, this Van Buren County, Michigan monster had its first three mass measurements go over seven inches on each antler!

This monster buck grossed 185 6/8 and netted 180 4/8. Mann had to watch and wait for almost an hour and a half before the big buck moved close enough for a shot. It must have been agonizing, but the wait was well worth the reward!

The Hole-in-the-Horn buck

Without a doubt, one of, if not THE most famous non-typical whitetail ever, this buck was found dead in Ohio in 1940. It spent over 40 years in obscurity in a smoky bar before finally being revealed to the whitetail world in 1983.

Currently the second-biggest non-typical of all time at 328 2/8 inches, the buck is helped significantly by the ridiculously massive and palmated main beams that look more like they belong on a moose than a whitetail.

The Helgie Eyemunson buck

Also known as the "Canadian Hole-in-the-Horn," this massive buck fell to Helgie Eyemunson in 2007 in Alberta. This monster grossed 288 and netted 276 1/8 inches non-typical.

Much like the other Hole-in-the-Horn, this buck has become iconic simply for the incredible palmation present in the main beams.

The Bobby Beeman buck

Wyoming is one of the better-kept secrets of the whitetail hunting world. And that is plainly obvious when you look at the incredible Bobby Beeman buck. Taken in 1998, this buck carries its mass all the way out into its main beams.

Even more amazing than the buck is the story behind it. Beeman only came to hunt for this particular buck after spotting it by chance while on vacation the prior year.. The following fall he bagged it with his crossbow. The buck scores an impressive 259 5/8.

The Jordan buck

We can't leave the most famous typical of all-time off a list of the most massive. Because James Jordan's 1914 monster from Wisconsin has some of the best mass you'll ever see.

This buck held the world record for years at 206 1/8 typical and only has 3 2/8 inches of difference between the two sides making it one of the most balanced deer ever.

But aside from having such a perfect rack, it also has one of the most massive ones you'll ever see on a typical deer. And even more impressive is the way it carries this mass all the way up the tines and main beams.

The Hill Gould buck

Scoring 259 0/8 typical, this massive buck that looks more moose than whitetail was downed by Hill Gould all the way back in 1910 in Maine's Washington County.

When it comes to bucks with crazy palmated mass, the Gould buck definitely stands out in a crowd. This buck STILL stands as the Maine state record typical whitetail!

The Edmund Kopp buck

Taken in Manitoba in 1998, this incredible non-typical scores 248 0/8 non-typical and is sticks out in a crowd due to the unbelievable palmations, especially on the G2s.

Even the long brow tines hold mass on this deer. It makes one wonder how this buck even held his head up with something like this on his head. In addition to the antlers the buck was holding when he was shot, there is also a matched set of sheds that is just as, if not more impressive than this buck's final crown.