#WhitetailWednesday: The Insane Story of the 'James Jordan' Buck

Here is the story of what would end up being the world-record whitetail at the time and the crazy 50-year mystery of where it went.

True whitetail fanatics know the legendary bucks. A number of special deer come to mind when I think of some of the all-time greats. I remember Milo Hanson's Buck, the Hole In The Horn Buck and Mel Johnson's Buck just to name a few.

Each one of them has a unique story and a marvelous rack that makes them unique. But, there is one buck that's always fascinated me and it's also probably the most well-known whitetail of all time.

The "James Jordan" Buck is a deer that's hard to forget once you see it. Almost perfectly symmetrical with mass out of this world, this stunning whitetail will forever hold a spot in history. But, beyond the impressive rack this buck held is the incredibly wild story behind the deer. This eventual world-record deer would go missing for almost 50 years. Check out the video below:

As you heard, the story on the Jordan buck just continued to take more and more strange turns. After and having the deer, he had to go back for a knife and came back to find it missing. Then, his taxidermist went missing. Next, one of Jordan's relatives bought the buck for $3 almost 50 years later at a yard sale.

You couldn't have written a crazier story. What are the odds he would come in contact with the deer that many years later? How did someone not claim the deer over that time period?

Oh, and then Boone and Crockett recognized the deer as whitetail record a month after James Jordan had passed away. The whole journey of this buck is just unbelievable.

The James Jordan buck will always hold a special place in the whitetail world, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more interesting story behind a deer.