Ohio Buck

Someone Reportedly Stole the 280-Inch Buck from Ohio

This giant Ohio buck has been making headlines, but the story just got strange.

This mammoth of a buck was supposedly harvested in Ohio recently scored 280 inches. Which based off the photos, the score was believable because this buck has it alltine length, width, mass and a ton of scoreable points.

But the debate got heated, as many were claiming this was a free-chase deer, while even more were crying high fence. And of course, in a day of social media, you're going to have a ton of haters and a ton of misinterpreted information. Eventually, there was an Instagram post claiming it was in fact a high-fence deer from a ranch in Ohio. But how credible is an Instagram post anyways?

So the story took on a life of its own, and I really have no clue what to believe. However, I'm not here to argue whether it's real or not.

Ohio Buck

The crazy story just got a little crazier, though, as the hunter who claims to have harvested the deer has now reported the buck missing!

Ronald Lidderdale released this statement on his personal page.

"This morning at Crossroads Restaurant my deer head was taken from the back of my truck. If anyone has any information on who may have taken it and leads to the retrieval of my Deer head, there will be a reward. Tuscarawas county game warden and sheriff have been notified. Thank you very much for your help."

So, many questions arise here. One, why would you leave a rack that size out in the open? Or why even have it in the bed of your truck when you're going out for the evening knowing you would be in public? Apparently there's a 280-inch rack out there somewhere. If you find it, it looks like there will be a reward.

On another note, I'll never understand why someone would want a rack of buck they didn't even kill. Where is the pride in that, people?

Hopefully Mr. Lidderdale can get his buck back soon. Until then, we'll keep you posted.