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Is ‘White Bigfoot’ the Next Big Mystery?

Do you believe in White Bigfoot?

This footage was filmed in Pennsylvania and captures a clear shot of White Bigfoot. Check it out for yourself and determine if it’s fact or fiction.

This guy was able to break down the footage and show frame by frame images in different colors for maximum viewing capabilities. It’s clear there may be a White Bigfoot out there somewhere!

Did you see the length of the arm on White Bigfoot? At first it appeared to be a leg, but that’s only because it was so long it nearly touched the ground. The other shocking part of this video is the eyes, since the eyebrows seemed to move very naturally.

After watching this footage, the likelihood of a White Bigfoot seems, well, likely. It appeared as through the creature was not wearing a mask of any kind, but you might have to watch this video again to make sure.


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Is ‘White Bigfoot’ the Next Big Mystery?