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The New (But Fake) Bullet-Cam is Blowing People's Minds


Vortex and Hornady released a video of a new "bullet-cam" and it had many talking, whether they believed it or not.

Some new technology that would hypothetically change the hunting and filming game forever from Vortex and Hornady took the outdoor world by storm recently. News like this would change the industry...if only it were true.

An epic April Fool's prank cooked up an incredibly cool product, outstanding visuals and dialogue, and some great acting from employees. Vortex and Hornady released the video that would seem to be a legit product launch with the production quality and subsequent buzz.

But, putting a camera on a bullet is virtually impossible, and some people knew exactly what was going on. But some didn't, and it was quite entertaining.

If you saw it on the internet, it has to be true. Right?

Watch how awesome this prank video turned out.

At only $99.99/box, the bullet-cam is affordable for most and WiFi compatible. But wait, there is more!

Just kidding, there isn't more because as we said, it was all a joke. And a great one at that. A job well done by the Hornady and Vortex marketing teams; they executed a creative digital marketing tactic and engaging many people.

The video earned 8.5 million views in less than a week. And that, folks, is how you use social media for brand awareness. Bullet-cam...someday...maybe.

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The New (But Fake) Bullet-Cam is Blowing People's Minds