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The 6 Shockingly Real Bigfoot Sightings of All Time

This compilation of real Bigfoot sightings is sure to have you questioning the creatures' existence.  

If you claim to have never seen any real Bigfoot sightings, than this video will probably change your mind about the legendary beast.

Watch this video and witness six of the most real sightings the Internet currently has to offer.

After watching this video one thing is clear, if Bigfoot is real, it's likely scared of people as nobody has yet to get close enough to accurately capture this being on tape.

The last clip is the most famous sighting and after evaluation, it's believed the creature in that video was a female standing 7'4" and weighing about 700 pounds.

Now that you've seen this compilation of six real Bigfoot sightings, perhaps your opinion has changed about this elusive animal. Who knows, you might be the next person to see Bigfoot, so you better bring a camera.

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The 6 Shockingly Real Bigfoot Sightings of All Time