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Latest Bigfoot Sightings on the Web

This collection of news stories about Bigfoot sightings may be somewhat unnerving. 

This compilation of news stories lends some fresh perspectives on Bigfoot sightings.

Check out the video an see if the evidence collected in these news stories is enough to prove that Bigfoot is out there.

After watching all those interviews and news stories about Bigfoot sightings, you can see there are many people who believe Bigfoot is real.

Can you imagine what it would be like to hit Bigfoot with your car? The lady from the ABC News story must have had a hard time explaining that the body shop.

If you plan on searching for Bigfoot in the near future, be sure to bring a camera and capture any potential Bigfoot sightings on film.

Because you just might create the next Bigfoot viral hit.


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Latest Bigfoot Sightings on the Web