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When You Can't Hunt Because There's a Bear Standing in the Way

Unlike deer, big bears don't shy away when they spot a hunter.

When still-hunting for most game animals, the top priority is not spooking your quarry before taking a shot. Keeping yourself hidden from view plays a big role in meeting this objective, as does masking your scent and staying silent.

The moment a deer or a turkey detects you, they almost always take off immediately. However, it's a different story when it comes to bears.

Regardless of whether you're hunting black bears, grizzly bears or polar bears, it's always important to be prepared for a close encounter.

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As you can see in the video below, bears have no problem whatsoever getting close and personal when they're curious.

Watch the video below:

Going off the hashtags alone, I suppose it's most likely this person is black bear hunting. However, he doesn't take a shot, which why I think there's a decent chance he's actually hunting something else.

Either way, I would not want to be the one sitting in this ground blind!

You see videos like this all the time, where a bear climbs up to a treestand or something and the hunter will just remain calm until the bear leaves. I'm left speechless every time, as there's no way in hell I could keep my cool in this situation!

What would you do if a bear tried climbing in the stand with you? Would you shoo it away? Freeze and hope it doesn't notice you?

At what point do you shoot in self-defense? Once it's actually attacking you?

Props to bear hunters who handle these encounters so gracefully!