best tippet for bass

What's the Best Tippet for Bass? It's Sort of Surprising

Choosing the best tippet for bass can be a little confusing. Here's a good place to start. 

When it comes to fly fishing for fish other than trout, many options and styles open up. For example, when I fly fish for carp, I often just use straight flouro from fly line to fly with no tippet at all. I hate having connections in my line with fish that pull that hard. However, with bass, you have even more options. They hit hard and their mouths have the ability to fray line pretty easily. So what's the best tippet for bass?

Just check out this video from Jackson Kayak for the answer.

So, make a bite leader just like in saltwater? Yeah, that does make sense, considering where bass live and all those little sandpaper teeth.

You still need to check your tippet and leader regularly, as you'll be casting your fly in some nasty places. But using a tip like this will improve your break rate when setting the hook and fighting one of these fish.

Is that the best tippet for bass? You'll have to try it out, but I'd have to say it's worth giving a try.