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YouTube:Catchin' Deers

'Catchin' Deers' Shows What It Takes to Be a Vegan Hunter

This parody video will have every hunter laughing hysterically.

Well, wonder no more. If you aren't already familiar with the brand, Catchin' Deers is a hunting clothing brand started by former NHL star Mike Fisher and his brother Bud. They have really ignited their brand with their satirical hunting videos like Rut Daniels, the "greatest archer who ever lived."

With this video, they did something a little different. They have re-imagined veganism and the complaints of animal rights activists with a guy who doesn't contribute to the problems of factory farming. This guy doesn't get his veggies from a grocery store!

The result is a hilarious, twisted take on vegan diets and hunting seasons in general.

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"Know what will really get your heart pumping? A full head of lettuce at 20 yards!"

Spoken like a true vegan hunter who has dedicated his whole life to the harvest of the best vegan, organic food options out there!

It's safe to say the guys at the Catchin' Deers brand are having way too much fun with these videos. Good on them for turning their passion for hunting wild animals into a business, and you have to appreciate their highly entertaining videos, too.

We lost it when he started proudly showing off his "big-game trophy room." The antler mount with the carrots sticking out was a great touch.

The pumpkin "recovery" was great, too, especially when they gave us a closer look at the broadhead covered in pumpkin innards. As meat eaters and omnivores, we got a big laugh out of this, although we aren't sure vegan and vegetarianism enthusiasts will feel the same way.

Just show this to the next person who asks, "Why do you kill animals?"

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