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Learn Why This Vegan Became a Hunter

vegan became a hunter

This vegan made a huge life change.

When he learned what hunting was all about, he made the best decision ever.

Learn why, in his own words, this vegan became a hunter.

Meet the vegetarian who became a hunter

He spent years as a vegetarian... then he got his hunting licence!

Posted by the Monocular on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

In a video shared on Facebook by Monocular, we learn of a vegan that made the best choice of his life. He became a hunter.

This 29-year-old photography in Germany named Fabian realized there is no way to live closer to nature than by hunting. As hunters, we know where our food comes from and have a true, wild, organic diet.

We applaud you Fabian and the growing number of vegetarians that are taking up hunting. Knowledge is power, and when more vegans learn the truths of hunting and how it ties us to nature, we'll see more of stories like Fabian's. Happy hunting, Fabian, and we welcome you to our community of hunters.

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Learn Why This Vegan Became a Hunter