Jeep Wrangler Retractable Roof

What Do You Think of the New Jeep Wrangler Retractable Roof?

There's little denying the new Jeep Wrangler retractable roof is a big deal. 

Back in 2014, my wife and I went all in and bought a brand new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. It's as awesome now as it was then. We absolutely rock the "Jeep wave" and love it. Both of us have wanted a Wrangler since we were kids, so when the time came for a new vehicle, it was an easy decision. There is just something rugged and independent about owning a Jeep, for us at least. One issue we've run into with our hard top, though, is easily taking it off. I've since engineered a ratchet-strap system in our garage that takes the top off easily. Now, though, the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler retractable roof has easily solved that problem.

Just check out this video below that shows exactly what the Sky One-Touch system looks like. It's literally this easy to have open-air driving with this power top that seems so simple it's stupid.

Yeah, pretty crazy, right? There is one catch, though: this option is only available on the four-door Sahara and Rubicon models. If you think this is as cool as we do, it might be time for an upgrade. With this new twist, it's easy to see the influence from Fiat now that they're in control of Chrysler and Jeep.

Since Wranglers first hit the roadways, taking the top off has always been an issue for drivers. Hard tops can be a pain, so therefore, some Jeep owners opt for the soft top. It goes without saying it's easier to get that open-air lifestyle Jeep drivers love this way. With the Sky One-Touch, the push of a button makes life simple. Now, this rugged, off-road, four-wheel-drive, take-no-prisoners vehicle just got a whole lot cooler.

There's another pretty revolutionary feature to the 2018 Jeeps, too. The backside windows can be taken out with just a few turns of some switches on the inside. Again, this is only available on the Wrangler Rubicon and Sahara models, but they've really gone out of their way to make the open-air freedom of owning a Wrangler easier than ever.

As far as a price tag goes, the new Sky One-Touch is considered an add-on to the base unlimited Sahara and Rubicon for $3,995. Considering the higher price of those models already, it's a big pill to swallow.

You have to admit, though, this power top is pretty dang cool. Hopefully Jeep and Fiat will get to work on fuel economy next! That would be a mind-blowing advancement.