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Facebook Screenshot: Realtree Outdoors

Welcome to Fall: Hunting Personalities Who Have Already Notched a Tag

These hunting personalities already have meat in the freezer!

The hunting seasons are still young for most parts of the country, but most famous hunting personalities don't waste any time heading into the field. Many have already out taking part in many of the early seasons being offered by many states and provinces.

We did a quick check-in with some of our favorites to see what they have been up to already this year and were surprised by the number of bucks and bulls that have already taken permanent dirt naps.

Check out what your favorite hunter or huntress has successfully harvested below. It's a good way to get fired up for the upcoming seasons!

Travis "T-Bone" Turner

T-Bone already has a giant of a 10-pointer on the ground and it just so happens to be his largest buck ever. This brute of a buck was taken in Georgia.

Hannah Barron

While Hannah is better know for her catfish noodling videos, she's an avid hunter too. She downed this 161 1/8 velvet brute with tons of character during Kentucky's early season.


Many hunters get so hung up on deer that they forget that fall is the time for alligator season too. Darcie is known for her saltwater fishing exploits, but she decided to hit the swamps a little this year and the result is two big gators over ten feet in length!

Michael Waddell

It didn't take long for the Bone Collector to put a giant bull on the ground this year. This bull was taken in the dream elk state of Colorado.

Remi Warren

It's one thing to take a bull elk with a bow, it's another to do it with a long bow AND self-film the hunt. We're looking forward to seeing how this hunt played out.

Jessica Taylor Byers

Jessica of Follow Her Arrow Outdoors started off her season on a high note with this Arizona mule deer. Her Facebook post notes it took a one-and-a-half hour stalk, and a 62-yard shot to put this full velvet buck on the ground.

Taylor Drury

Is it just us, or does it seem like Taylor Drury downs a new personal best buck every season? This 171-inch buck was taken in Missouri.

Mike Fisher

The former NHL star and co-founder of "Catchin Deers" is having a heck of a 2020 with both a Colorado bull elk AND a big Kentucky whitetail on the ground before October!

David Blanton

Talk about character! Blanton downed this incredible non-typical mulie while hunting in Utah.

Willie Robertson

It took 15 days of hard hunting for Willie Robertson to finally catch up to an elusive Idaho bull, but when the chance came, his arrow flew true. The Buck Commander Facebook page says it was a 77-yard shot!

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