105 yard bow shot

Watch This Hunter Make a 105-Yard Bow Shot on a Kudu Bull

This hunter makes a true spot and stalk hunt on a magnificent African kudu bull, culminating in a beautiful 105 yard bow shot that is just brilliant.

What is your safe and ethical bow shooting range? Twenty to forty yards is what many of us whitetail hunters aim for. Well how confident would you feel taking a 105-yard bow shot? This man did it and he did it without hesitation.

But this man is well known hunter and skilled archer Jim Burnworth, and Burnworth is used to taking longer than typical shots. He hunts in the western United States, where open country is the norm and close quarter Midwest-style whitetail hunting is nontypical. So Burnworth does an awful lot of practice on long shots.

Still, even for him, this 105-yard bow shot on a kudu bull was something special.

We see the shot from Burnworth's perspective. His arrow flies perfectly towards its intended target like it was on a zip line, with the sureness of a shot practiced and imagined thousands of times before.

It is also a testament to his gear, which is perfectly matched for maximum effectiveness and smooth shooting at long distances. Burnworth is shooting a Bowtech Reign 7.

The kudu ran for maybe 20 seconds before succumbing. A clean and ethical kill on what Burnworth considers the "ultimate" African big game animal.

I'll tell you, making a shot like this one requires a deep familiarity with your equipment and a superhuman amount of practice.

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