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Be Prepared to Defend Your Hunting Rights [VIDEO]

Bowhunter and television personality Jim Burnworth suggests how you respond to those who might question or criticize your passion for hunting.

Jim Burnworth, host of the Outdoor Channel's "Western Extreme," says he got a little impassioned when a waitress at a small Nevada eatery began to condemn trophy hunting upon learning that Jim and his dining companions were hunters.

"I think everybody, at one time or another, has been faced with, has had to defend themselves as a hunter," he says, "I felt that I was obligated to educate her on the facts about trophy hunting."

Burnworth's response to that particular server may serve as a model for how any of us might respond to a confrontational individual unjustly criticizing our hunting lifestyles.

Some gems from Burnworth's reply to anti-hunters:

  • "The reason that many animals survive and exist is because trophy hunting is the greatest form of hunting."
  • "When a hunter puts more value on an animal, there are more of them."
  • When you're defending hunting, have an answer and example (like Burnworth's experience with the deer association in Chihuahua, Mexico) on the tip of your tongue.
  • "Don't get mad, don't get upset. Just have the facts, talk calmly, and try to explain to them why we love what it is we do."
  • Explain "Why we truly are, as hunters, the greatest game conservationists in the world."

Never apologize for being a hunter. On the contrary, be proud to be a hunter, and be ready to share that pride and educate those you meet who simply may not understand.

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Be Prepared to Defend Your Hunting Rights [VIDEO]