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Total Archery Challenge Tests the Limits of Bowhunting

Total Archery Challenge

The Total Archery Challenge is sure to get you pumped up for bowhunting. If you didn't make the Challenge you can watch this inspiring video for motivation.

The 2016 Total Archery Challenge took place in Snowbird, Utah, and the guys from Hush and Mountain Ops are leading off. They're up early and are hitting the Prime Course, which is the western animals course.

The friendly competition takes place against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. Hills and mountains, deep valleys, and backcountry trekking define the course. 3D targets are set up throughout the different courses, with variable distances, angles and obstacles designed to challenge archers.

It's three days of some pretty intense hiking and shooting, but the Total Archery Challenge has courses and events for all skill levels. There is even an event for novelty shots where a lucky archer could win a new truck.

This is a Hushin Life video and it's done to perfection. There are images of scenery, interesting camera angles, drone shots and of course scenes of archers doing their thing. Targets peppered with arrows also make good excuses to take plenty of group selfies.

This highlight reel is sure to get you juiced up for bowhunting season. Or at least to give the Total Archery Challenge a try yourself next year.

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Total Archery Challenge Tests the Limits of Bowhunting